I have recently returned to reside permanently in my home town of Ross-on-Wye, having travelled with my occupation to different towns and cities all over Europe and beyond .

Imagine my dismay seeing the bottom end of St Mary’s church yard, with cans, empty beer bottles and recently large cardboard boxes (that looked like they had been slept in). The spot is quite lovely however it is becoming an eye sore for anyone visiting their dear one’s resting place. It’s so disrespectful.

I am further shocked to find that there is a prevention of alcohol consumption order for this area .This should be a tranquil place, but having had conversations with other visitors when having interned the ashes of my mother to be with her husband in the cremation area of Ross churchyard, this is not so .

Why is this allowed to happen where obvious drug taking and alcohol consumption takes place on a regular basis .

Surely it is a resting place where such activities that are outside the law should be prevented .

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