When someone has served their country in the Armed Forces, the least we can do is support them when they make the move back to civilian life. Yet every year thousands of veterans end up sleeping rough, sofa surfing or living in unsuitable hostels because they’re unable to access housing and slip through the net.

The Armed Forces Covenant states that anyone who has served in the Forces should face no disadvantage. Veterans, who are especially vulnerable to homelessness, should be prioritised for support.

We’ve seen a dramatic rise in the number of homeless veterans seeking help since the pandemic. With the rising cost of living crisis, we know the situation is going to get worse.

Too often former members of the Armed Forces miss out on housing support because they aren’t identified as a veteran. As leading voices in the veterans housing sector, we’ve joined the No Homeless Veterans campaign to urge local authorities to do more.

It’s vital that when someone needs help with housing, they are asked whether they’ve served in the Forces. If they have, this should be recorded. Once identified, they can be directed towards support that’s available.

Many already do, but all local authorities across the UK should be identifying veterans quickly. There is no need for them to be sofa surfing, or sleeping on the streets. Our heroes deserve better and it’s inexcusable to leave them out in the cold.

No Homeless Veterans