Along with the rest of my family, I am becoming completely disheartened by the Conservative’s handling - or rather, non-handling - of the NHS strikes. Having got through Covid, it seems beyond belief that we should have our health put further at risk by a group of people who largely pay for private healthcare. I would urge you and your colleagues to help the nation you have been elected to serve by taking all the NHS disputes to ACAS. Surely, this is the only sensible step to take and probably should have been done some time ago.

I am sorry to seem so angry, but I do find this whole situation with NHS strikes very worrying indeed. NHS workers are, on the whole, extremely hardworking, caring, public-spirited people, and if they insist that they can’t do their jobs properly anymore, I believe them. We need YOUR PARTY to find a way to stop the hemorrhaging of NHS staff so that we have a health service that keeps our nation fit and healthy so that we can build prosperity for our country.

Bev Pope, Ross-on-Wye