Reader’s letter: Dishonest government

Wednesday 3rd August 2022 12:23 pm
Readers’ letters, Ross Gazette.
Readers’ letters, Ross Gazette (Tindle )

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I was dismayed to learn that, once again, the UK Conservative government has proved itself dishonest.

After chairing a conference the Foreign Office, led by Liz Truss MP, changed an agreement that 22 countries had signed up to, damaging the reputation of this country, it’s reliability as a partner and undermining women’s rights.

The International Conference was hosted by the UK to encourage global action on Freedom of Religion or Belief for everyone.

The statements signed up to by 22 countries included a commitment to abolish laws that discriminate against women in areas of sexual and reproductive health rights and bodily autonomy.

Mysteriously, after everyone had gone home, these statements were removed.

In light of the recent US Supreme Court decision to remove the right of its female citizens to an abortion this is another worrying step letting down women globally. Conservative MP and Chair of the Women and Equalities Committee, Caroline Nokes said the removal of these statements was “deeply concerning.”

It is utterly appalling that the UK government should behave in such an underhand way and I’d like to know on whose authority the changes were made.

C. Headey, Ross-on-Wye

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