Reader’s letter: honesty in politics

Wednesday 27th July 2022 1:03 pm
Readers’ letters, Ross Gazette.
Readers’ letters, Ross Gazette (Tindle )

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A few weeks ago the Prime Minister was given his marching orders by members of his own government that could no longer tolerate his dishonesty.

There was a huge sigh of relief from the section of the electorate that values transparency, honesty and decency in public life.

Sadly, on Monday evening, the two candidates vying to replace Johnson, showed they are equally dishonest and have little regard for the electorate.

The big fat lie was to say Brexit has nothing to do with the hold ups in Dover and Folkestone. Before we left the EU French officials mostly waved through UK passport holders at the ports. Now (with the third country status some of us voted for), each passport has to be checked and stamped. This is what was wanted to end free movement and take back control of our borders. Now British passport holders can only spend 90 days out of each 180 days in the EU and this has to be recorded.

It is not the French being awkward. They are doing what they are required to do by law. They have to control the EU border with the UK in the same way the UK controls its own.

C.Headey, Ross-on-Wye

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