Reader’s letter: parking fines

Wednesday 27th July 2022 1:01 pm
Readers’ letters, Ross Gazette.
Readers’ letters, Ross Gazette (Tindle )

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It was a pleasure to attend yet another one of the enjoyable Sunday afternoon Brass Band Concerts at the Bandstand near Wye Street.

Ross residents are always made aware of the various attractions in the town and encouraged to attend them in the columns of your paper.

What we found particularly pleasing was the delight we must have given the Civil Enforcement Officer doing his or her utmost and best to spoil the occasion by issuing parking fines for cars parked along the grassy verge opposite the bandstand. On a Sunday, with virtually no traffic along that road, obstructing nothing and nobody.

Well done! No doubt bonuses will be issued to the exceedingly efficient parking wardens, slogging away even on a Sunday to spoil people’s enjoyment.

If only they were as efficient issuing their tickets to the travellers who still use the various car parks for days on end from time to time, as recently at Red Meadows car park, leaving an almighty mess for the council employees to have to clear up.

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