Forecast.  A scattering of showers mixed in with sunshine.  Feeling warm.   Thursday  Scattered showers.  Day 19C/66F Night 9C/48F in Foy.  Light/V Friday  Scattered showers.  Day 17C/63F Night 11C/52F in Stroat.  Light N Saturday  Scattered showers.  Day 18C/64F Night 11C/52F in Lea.  Light N Sunday  Largely dry.  Day 19C/66F Night 10C/50F in Cinderford.  Light/V Monday  Scattered showers.  Day 19C/66F Night 9C/48F in Newent.  Light/V Tuesday  Largely dry.  Day 18C/64F Night 9C/48F in Hardwicke.  Light/V Wednesday  Largely dry.  Day 17C/63F Night 10C/50F in Staunton.  Light/V Outlook:  Unsettled; fair temperatures. Pollen Count: Low/Mod UV: Mod/High Sunrise: 5.16 a.m.  Sunset: 9.02 p.m. Moonrise: 1.14 p.m.  Moonset: 3.21 a.m.