Oh dear, whatever is happening to community spirit from our public servants.

Outside of the St Michaels Hospice warehouse/store in Ross on Wye, Penyard Lane we watched two traffic wardens arrive in a car and put tickets on two cars that were parked on the very faint obscured hardly visible yellow lines then drive off.

They couldn’t be bothered to go and speak to the folks dropping off/buying goods for charity and who were only in the store for a short while.

Before being clearly sneaky maybe a bit of discretion could be used by asking the people to move if they were committing an offence.

I guess they were so pleased with the “Gotcha” moment and probably bragged about it back at base.

Come on traffic wardens of Ross, create some goodwill towards the people of Ross who are helping others and importantly may be helping you someday.

Doug Skeggs