A party of 40 members from Ross-on-Wye Bowls Club enjoyed their annual mixed tour this year to Newquay, Cornwall under the arrangement of Phil Bridges.

The party had three fixtures but unfortunately one game was cancelled due to bad weather.

Ross BC played Wadebridge BC, winning on Five rinks losing on one. The overall win 142 shots to 98 shots. The game played at Newquay Treance BC was also a win for the Ross BC touring side. 134 shots to 112 against...

A good time was had by all on tour. Phil Bridges would like to thank James Bevan coaches for transporting the Bowling Club members on their tour this year especially the driver, Adrian ‘Stan’ Matthews for his professionalism and helpfulness throughout the tour.

Ross BC would like to also thank Daish’s holidays for a splendid venue and excellent food throughout their stay. Special thanks is also given to Mr and Mrs Baker for all their hard work ensuring the tour was a great success.