Ross-on-Wye pro boxer, Liam O’Hare, famed for his winning streak, is stepping out of the boxing ring and into a marathon. In a remarkable display of perseverance, Liam has committed to a two-day, 125-mile ultra-marathon from Hereford to London Richmond on the 26th and 27th of August. This daunting task is in aid of the First Light Trust, a charity supporting military veterans and blue light service personnel battling PTSD, homelessness and related struggles.

Liam’s journey from ballet dancer to undefeated boxer is the driving force behind his indomitable spirit. Having faced ridicule for his dancing at an all-boys rugby school, he turned to boxing, not just to restore his reputation, but to find a discipline that shared parallels with dance. However, the path was far from smooth. Spiralling into addiction, homelessness, and unemployment, he found himself at a crossroads. It was boxing that provided him the focus he needed to turn his life around.

Liam’s resilience and dedication are mirrored in his preparation for the marathon. The local veterans at the First Light Trust are aiding in his endeavour, assisting with route planning and kit preparation, making this an authentic team effort, centred around the Hereford Hub.

First Light Trust is a beacon of hope for those affected by physical and psychological traumas from their service life. By fundraising for this charity, Liam hopes to enable the Trust to continue their crucial work within the Hereford community. In addition to his efforts, the Trust operates a café, located by the Green Dragon on Broad Street, the proceeds from which go back to supporting the veterans.

Liam’s story is one of resilience and redemption. To those who doubted him, he extends his thanks for the drive to prove them wrong. For those who stood by him, especially his brother Paul, his gratitude is immeasurable. Despite the hardship, he is unwavering in his belief in tough love and the transformational power of boxing in his life.

As he invites local businesses and individuals to support his cause, Liam is not just raising funds; he’s also raising awareness. Aware of the life-changing impact boxing has had on his life, he encourages anyone battling with mental health to seek a discipline that offers focus, purpose and drive.

For those interested in learning more, or donating to the cause, the fundraising page can be found at