Ross-on-Wye Tennis Centre’s Ladies A team played their first summer match against Droitwich A earlier this month.

This year will be a difficult season having moved up to Division One in the Hereford and Worcester Leagues at the end of last summer. A perfect dry day put everyone in an effervescent mood!

Sarah Drake and Jane Pepperell took on their opposing first pair and despite some very strong play with many deuces and sweet smashes, were soon forced to lie down and give in. 1-6, 0-6.

Val Davies and Rosie Farr, playing at 2nd pair versus Droitwich 3rds started well and had a very close first set with some fine play but despite some smooth interception by Val at the net, couldn’t finish it off and then rather weakly bottled the second set. 4-6, 1-6.

Four of the usual A team players were unable to play this match so Bridget Hiram and Jane Thomas were drafted in from the B team. They played the opposing 2nd couple first and soon went the way of the other pairs losing 0-6, 0-6.

Their next match was a different matter. Bridget and Jane, both lefties, gave the 3rd couple a headache with their wide serves and corkscrew slices but were unable to win, 5-7, 2-6. Val and Rosie then had the task of facing the 1st couple, an experienced pair of classic players with fizzing shots that left Val and Rosie reeling, going down 1-6, 2-6. Jane and Sarah had a more successful shot against the second pair with some great tennis but just losing 4-6, 4-6.

A final score of 0-6. Rumour has it that this might be one of their easier matches.

A tasty lunch, provided by the Ross Ladies, was enjoyed by all, including a glass of Prosecco to celebrate Jane P’s Birthday (or to drown their sorrows!)