Approximately £1000 was raised for charity at a golf fun day, on Saturday, August 15th, at South Herefordshire Golf Club, held in memory of Ollie Floyd.

The aim of the event was set up to raise money to establish a memorial bench for Ollie, to be established on the third hole of the golf course; where Ollie once managed to get a hole in one.

The bench was made by Walford Saw Mills, a company based near Ross-on-Wye, and was donated to the Golf Club, free of charge. This meant that all of the money raised can now go to Nick Rawlings’ chosen charity.

Ollie’s friends, Mat Humphries and Chris Grendall, along with Chris’ dad, Stuart Grendall, organised the event. Mathew and Chris spoke to the Ross Gazette about their memories of playing golf with Ollie.

Chris said that Ollie never took anything too seriously, and they all had a laugh together while playing golf. Mat explained that they would have a lot of banter during the games, and ‘take the mickey’ out of one another.

Because of these memories, Mat and Chris wanted the golf day to be fun and informal. Around 80 players took part on the day, of all abilities; from those of near professional level, to some participants who had never played golf before.

Nick Rawlings, Ollie’s dad, told the Ross Gazette he was very grateful to the event organisers.

For the story in full, and lots more pictures, see this week’s edition of the Ross Gazette.