Members from all sections of the Gorsley based Ross Golf Club, resulting in a massive turnout of 140 players, took part recently in a team scramble competition to mark the 10th Anniversary of the appointment of Head Professional and now also Director of Golf, Tim Hall and the arrival of his School of Golf Academy in 2012.

The learning culture fostered by Tim and his current team of Professionals, James Dobbs, Zach Galliford and Matty Dobbs has been an inspiration and has created a ‘Community Spirit and Identity’ among members which has established highly effective values and standards and shows no let-up.

It was therefore entirely appropriate that the winning team, a two-father playing with their two sons’ combination, who have each benefitted through this scenario should be No 1 on the final score-sheet. With three birdies in their first 7 holes played, to get them off to a flying start followed by just one bogey blemish at the 17th hole, their net 57 medal score was always likely to win the day’s top prizes and so it proved.

Paul and Isaac Vitale and Simon and Max Phillips have all individually tasted personal success as they have learned and improved. This has included Paul being the 2021 Barnfield Trophy Champion and 14-year-old Isaac reducing his handicap from 31 to 13.4 in just 18 months during which time which he won the prestigious Traders Cup. Simon was delighted to be a Tuesday Evening Eclectic winner recently and get a sixth place finish in the Club’s May Stableford event in which 93 players took part. For Max his learning has been equally impressive seeing his handicap move from 26 to 13 in a little over 12 months including claiming the 2021 Bradley Court Cup honours board title.

There were three teams closest to the winners, each with net 58 medal scores, and these were Peter Cresswell/David Dockray/David and Graham Higdon followed by Alex Griffiths/James Hay/Jonny and William Walker and Andrew Corbett/David Webb and Gwynne and James Morgan.