John Kyrle High School Year 7 netball team concluded their exceptional season with a thrilling performance at the highly competitive U12 County Tournament.

Despite facing a series of intense matches, the young athletes demonstrated their unwavering determination and skill, captivating spectators and making their school proud.

An unexpected twist emerged as a last-minute change of captain was announced, with Daisy Jones bravely stepping up to assume leadership for the afternoon. Undeterred by this initial setback, the team remained focused as they confronted their toughest group game against St. Mary’s. The heart-stopping encounter concluded in a narrow 2-1 loss, but the resilient team’s confidence remained steadfast.

Buoyed by their determination to succeed, the Year 7 netball team made an impressive comeback, claiming decisive victories against Fairfield (4-0) and Whitecross (7-0). Their unwavering teamwork and persistence were on full display, as the defensive trio of Evie Aston, Isla Mattews, and Angel Peens exhibited remarkable skill. Equally impressive were shooters Daisy, Evie, and Luchia, who scored a series of stunning long-range goals that left the audience in awe.

The team’s momentum continued, as they secured a hard-fought 4-2 triumph over Kingstone and a decisive 3-0 win against Wigmore. These victories earned them a well-deserved spot in the semi-finals, where they faced the formidable Hereford Cathedral team. Despite their best efforts, the Year 7 team was ultimately outmatched in the semi-finals, bringing their incredible run to an end.

Throughout the season, coaches Mrs Godwin and Mrs Hole have been immensely proud of the team’s progress, lauding their motivation, enthusiasm, and dedication to the sport.

In recognition of their exceptional achievements, many of the players will attend a trip to watch the Severn Stars netball team in action at the University of Worcester Arena, a fitting end-of-season celebration for these determined athletes.