Netball teams from John Kyrle High School’s Year 7 and Year 8 kicked off their seasons last week with a series of indoor matches against John Masefield High School and Five Acres School. Year 7 showcased their skills with two decisive victories, while Year 8 displayed commendable efforts despite mixed results.

The indoor setting was a necessity due to inclement weather, but it didn’t deter Year 7 from starting strong. In their match against John Masefield, the team clinched a 7-2 win. Amelia James, the goal shooter, stood out for her precise shots and was named player of the match. Amelia said: “It’s a fantastic start, and I’m so proud of our team.”

Year 8’s game against John Masefield was more evenly contested, especially in the first half, which ended with John Kyrle leading 2-1. The second half saw John Kyrle’s attack come together, ultimately resulting in a 9-2 win. Livia Hole, another goal shooter, won player of the match for her agile dodging and accurate shooting.

Later in the week, the teams faced Five Acres School in the Forest of Dean. With 29 girls attending weekly training sessions, competition for team spots was intense. Year 7’s new-look team didn’t disappoint. Captain Lilia Woodhouse shone, intercepting multiple passes and creating opportunities for her teammates. Lilia collaborated well with centre Davina Tatoiu and goal attack Phoebe Hughes. Amelia James continued her strong form, aiding the team to a 4-0 victory.

Year 8 had a tougher match against Five Acres, who put up a robust defence. Despite relentless efforts from attackers Lana Saunders and Francesca Capetta, opportunities were scarce. Five Acres’ tight marking and precise passing resulted in a 5-1 win for them. While it was a loss for John Kyrle’s Year 8, the team learned valuable lessons about facing strong defences.

Both teams from John Kyrle showed that they’re contenders this season. Year 7 seems to be a force to reckon with, boasting a mix of skilled veterans and promising newcomers. Year 8, although they had a mixed start, showed moments of brilliance that could be honed in future matches. As the season unfolds, these young athletes will undoubtedly continue to grow, aiming for more wins and fewer losses. With dedicated players and intense weekly training sessions, the future looks bright for John Kyrle High School’s netball teams.