Talented Year 9 Sports Leaders from John Kyrle High School were selected to represent their school and assisted in running the exhilarating Primary Sportshall Athletics event at Herefordshire Leisure Centre, on Tuesday, March 28. The event focused on promoting the School Games values of determination, self-belief, and honesty.

The day began bright and early for the dedicated sports leaders, who convened at their school at 8am. Upon arriving at the leisure centre by 9am, they received their official leaders’ t-shirts and underwent training on how to effectively manage the event. Eddie Parson, the organiser of the sportshall athletics, expressed his admiration for the leaders’ enthusiastic response and commitment to their roles.

Twelve primary school teams participated in an array of exciting activities, including relays, chest passes, vertical jumps, speed bounces, standing long jumps, and five strides. The sports leaders expertly managed each event and meticulously recorded the scores. Peter Murphy and Harry Mutlow were entrusted with the responsibility of collating the results on a spreadsheet and tallying the final scores.

The sports leaders also awarded points based on the three core values, culminating in the presentation of a trophy to the primary school that amassed the most points in these categories.