The Ross Ladies ‘A’ Tennis team had its second match of the winter season on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017. The match was away at Manor Park, Malvern.

The Ross Ladies first pair were Sarah Drake and Val Davies; Sarah agreed to play on the right on the understanding they would switch after the first set if it was not working. However, against the first pair the first set was won 6-2, so they remained in place and took the second set 6-4.

All four players went off for a cup of tea in the palatial surroundings of the bar, to watch the second set tie-break of Ross second couple Gaynor Raine and Lynn Rachel O’Driscoll, who had won the first set 6-3.

Despite many long rallies, the Ross pair eventually lost the tie-break and the third set slipped away to love.

During the break Gaynor complained of sore muscles, but put that behind her when it came to the second rubber. Playing their first pair, Gaynor and Lynn found they had spent too much energy in the first match and despite Gaynor covering most of the court they only secured three games in the match.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Val fully focused, and with excellent serving, closed out the second match only conceding three games. The final score was a winning draw thanks to the crucial set secured by Gaynor and Lynn.

A lovely tea rounded off another successful afternoon for the Ross Ladies ‘A’ team.