Ross Rowing Club (RRC) crews showcased their prowess at the recent Stourport Regatta, securing multiple victories.

The RRC ladies crew 4+, comprising Alison, Ellen, Sheron, and Alice, with Sally serving as Cox, faced a challenging race against the formidable Bewdley Vet B. Despite entering the race with a 4-second handicap, being categorised as Vet C, the team displayed remarkable stamina. In a nail-biting finish, they managed to hold off Bewdley, clinching victory by a mere half-a-length.

Not to be outdone, the RRC ladies quad 4x, featuring Ellen, Sarah, Alison, and Sheron, took on Worcester. Demonstrating their dominance from the outset, the team secured a substantial lead, culminating in a resounding win by five lengths.

Adding to the club’s accolades, George and Steve raced over 1000m, marking George’s first win in 23 years. The club is optimistic that George won’t have to wait another two decades for his next victory. Further successes were celebrated with wins for George & Steve, Dave, and Graham in the 500m category.

The outstanding performance of the RRC ladies’ team and the entire club at the regatta is a testament to their dedication and hard work. The event was undoubtedly a significant success for RRC, and the local community extends hearty congratulations to all participants.