In a showdown at Worcester Rowing Club’s Spring Regatta, young local talents Milo and Jacob from John Kyrle High School masterfully asserted their prowess in single sculling, propelling themselves into the limelight and promising more excitement for the Ross Rowing Club.

Entering as individual competitors for the first time, the duo faced a diverse range of challengers from across the nation, with their sights set on the coveted tankard. Despite the nerves and the uncertainty of facing the unknown, the boys took to the water with steely determination, each eager to leave his mark on the event.

Excelling in their heats with powerful performances, the teammates convincingly secured their places in the final, setting up an exhilarating face-off. With only a brief respite between the semi-finals and the final showdown, both were admittedly tired, yet palpably excited.

The tension was tangible as the final race commenced. Both boys hit the water at full throttle, matching stroke for stroke over the initial 800 metres. With the suspense rising, spectators were kept guessing as to the likely victor. However, it was in the concluding 50 metres that Jacob summoned his final reserves of strength, surging ahead to outstrip Milo by a boat length at the finish line.

In a display of camaraderie and true sportsmanship, both boys celebrated their achievement, proud to have represented Ross Rowing Club and dominated the J14 event. The victory was not just Jacob’s, but was shared by both boys, who were elated to face each other in the final.

Milo and Jacob are now preparing to return to their usual double format at the forthcoming Monmouth Regatta. Carrying the momentum from their successful outing at Worcester, they will be keen to add another feather to their rowing caps this Saturday.