Super welterweight boxer Liam O’Hare claimed another victory last weekend, continuing his undefeated streak.

The six-round fight against Romanian fighter Octavian Gratii went down to a judges decision at the Meca Regent Circus in Swindon.

The former Ross-on-Wye resident, who has swapped a career in dance for one in boxing, lost his first ever round in professional boxing in round 4, but still claimed a decisive victory over his Romanian opponent; with the score at the end 60-55 in his favour.

The victory, his fifth straight win, will hopefully open a few doors for Liam’s career.

Each win for the former Monmouth School pupil is a step closer to fighting in regional fights, which then in-turn will hopefully lead to national title bouts.

In preparation for things to come, Liam has started to build up his stamina for 10 and eventually 12-round fights, which is what he’ll be up against if he continues his winning streak.

Liam told the Gazette: “It was a great fight, I had a really tough opponent. He was hard as nails, throwing some big hay-makers and a couple of them did find their mark, but I just shrugged it off and kept coming.

“I almost had him out of there in the second round, but I think he was saved by the bell.”

A particularly punishing shot in the second round put Gratii on the back foot, and if the ten-second timer hadn’t have gone off, Liam suspects the referee would have stepped in. However, Gratii was back up in the third round, seemingly recovered from the shot.

For the first time in his professional career, Liam then lost a round, suffering a firm blow at the beginning of the fourth and making the tactical choice to let Gratii burn himself out, rather than expend a substantial amount of energy trying to bring the round back and then going “hell for leather” in rounds five and six.

After Liam’s last pro fight, one of his self-criticisms was that he had too much energy left at the end, which he could have used to knock out his opponent.

And whilst this wasn’t a knock-out fight, Liam feels he’s made progress in that area and is looking forward to getting back in the ring again soon.