The Rivers Trust, along with Wildlife and Countryside Link, unveiled the shocking presence of toxic chemical mixtures at more than 1,600 river and groundwater sites across England. This concerning discovery suggests our beloved rivers are serving up ominous "chemical cocktails," posing potentially serious risks to wildlife and even human health.

In response to this alarming reality, The Rivers Trust has launched the Chemical Cocktail Campaign, urging immediate action to tackle the burgeoning issue of chemical pollution ravaging our waterways. The campaign introduces a dedicated webpage, a treasure trove of information on chemical pollution, its severity, and a feature-rich interactive map that allows you to delve into the types of pollutants discovered in your local area.

The campaign also presents an opportunity for the public to make a difference, by adding their names to a joint letter petitioning the government for change. The demand? Stricter controls on the production and sale of chemicals in the UK, a prohibition on the most dangerous chemicals, and enhanced research and monitoring to better understand what's polluting our waters and how to mitigate its destructive impact on communities and nature.

As part of the campaign, The Rivers Trust is inviting everyone to join the fight against the Chemical Cocktail threatening our rivers and seas. They urge people to sign the joint letter to the Government, share the campaign widely using #ChemicalCocktail on social media, and to consider donating to the cause. Further, citizens are encouraged to report any suspected pollution incidents to authorities, or volunteer at their local Rivers Trust to contribute directly to the cause.