Distraction theft warning for Ross-on-Wye

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Thursday 17th August 2017 8:34 am
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The warning which was posted on the Ross-on-Wye Noticeboard Facebook page ()

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A shopkeeper in Monmouth, who has been the recent victim of a distraction theft, was annoyed to discover that the same technique used to steal their takings had been used in other businesses in Monmouth and in Abergavenny the day before. She wants to make traders in Ross-on-Wye aware, in case the thief turns their attention to this town.

Sally-Ann Pyrah-Barnes posted on the Monmouth New Businesses (MNB) Facebook page yesterday, Wednesday, August 16th, that she was annoyed that the local police had not warned Monmouth shopkeepers about the incidents in Abergavenny.

This was after the till at Tidings had been emptied of all its cash. She said a young lad distracted the shop worker before stealing the cash. This incident was reported to the police.

There is also a report of a possible attempt to carry out a distraction theft at the White Swan Tea Room in Monmouth on the MNB Facebook page.

They said that a tall, well dressed young man, who wore glasses and was well spoken, came into the shop. He said his mother had left her bag in the tea room and he’d come back to get it for her. Staff looked to see if they could find the bag, but obviously it wasn’t there. A member of staff even went to the café next door in case he’d got the wrong place. He then said he’d go check with his mum and return but he did not.

Other business also posted warnings and Charlotte Exton posted on the Ross-on-Wye Notice Board, on Thursday, August 17th, that all shopkeepers/workers should watch out as two shops in Monmouth had their tills robbed yesterday.


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