St Owen Street in Hereford witnessed a temporary cordon and evacuation of nearby properties due to a gas leak scare earlier today (4th April). West Mercia Police informed the public of the incident via Twitter, urging people to avoid the area while the fire service dealt with the situation.

The gas leak reportedly occurred when a wall collapsed and struck a large cylinder, prompting the fire service to take swift action to avert potential danger. Nearby properties were evacuated as a precautionary measure, ensuring the safety of local residents.

Within an hour, the situation was brought under control as the fire service successfully shut off the gas. West Mercia Police provided an update on Twitter, announcing the reopening of St Owen Street and the resolution of the incident.

Thanks to the prompt response by the fire service and police, no injuries were reported, and residents can now safely return to their properties. The incident highlights the importance of quick action and effective communication in ensuring public safety during emergencies.