Following an incident in Ross-on-Wye on Thursday, October 24th, Paul Crumpton, Rural & Business Crime Officer (Crime Prevention) has issued a further warning to people to be on their guard against cold callers.

A resident of a residential park home was victim of a ‘distressing’ crime involving paying for work to be done which was not needed, and a distraction theft.

Mr Crumpton told the Ross Gazette: “This is a very distressing crime but luckily the lady realised something was wrong and contacted the Ross Gazette and then spoke to the police.”

He added: “Alarm bells should ring if someone comes to your door suggesting that you need work done and it is urgent, especially if you did not know you needed anything done before.”

Always take a telephone number, close the door and make some calls before agreeing to anything.

Mr Crumpton said: “Remember, if you didn’t want work before they called, you probably don’t need it.”

The police would welcome any information about a group of men seen in a dark grey Ford Transit van, with no writing on, in the Ross-on-Wye and Lea areas. Or if you have been cold called by anyone offering to carry out work please contact the Police on 101.