A new piece of physiotherapy equipment has arrived at Ross-on-Wye Community Hospital, thanks to the fundraising efforts of a Town Councillor.

Cllr David Ravenscroft, who was Mayor of Ross from May 2016 to May 2017, selected the Friends of Ross Hospital as one of his two chosen charities.

During his mayoral year, Cllr Ravenscroft raised £5,025 for the Friends, and that money paid for the MOTO Med, an exercise machine that allows patients to exercise their arms or legs, meaning that wheelchair users are also able to use the piece of equipment.

Catherine Daniel, Physiotherapist, told the Ross Gazette that the exercise machine keeps the patients at the Community Hospital mobile, as it helps keep them moving as much as possible.

She added that the hospital were loaned the MOTO Med, by the company Medimotion, for a month as a part of a free trial, and the Physiotherapy team realised it was a very useful piece of kit, that would be of benefit to the patients.

Ms Daniel said that in addition to the standard exercise programme, patients can play games when using the MOTO Med, and at the end of their workout, an analysis of their outcome is displayed on a screen. Patients can see how far they have cycled, and how many calories burned, et cetera.

Cllr Ravenscroft said that he was so pleased that the money he raised had been spent on a piece of equipment that would help patients get better. “It’s lovely to see it being used,” he commented.

Jan Elliot, Sister at the community hospital, told the Gazette: “It’s a great piece of kit and it’s used everyday.” She added that the machine can be easily moved around the hospital wards and departments, and upstairs and downstairs.