Last Week the Gazette printed another picture of wonky street furniture on Gloucester Road.

Herefordshire County Council, who are responsible for those road-signs, have responded to reports saying that since the signs don’t pose a safety risk, repairs with be of secondary importance to issues of safety.

A spokesperson for Herefordshire Council said: “Our Highways team has assessed the signs and found that, while damaged, they are not currently posing any safety risk.”

They added: “A job has been raised for the repairs, however the safety of the public is our first priority and we prioritise works based on this need. Until the repairs can be scheduled, we will continue to monitor the signs as part of our routine safety inspections. We are also looking into alternative options to schedule repairs through our parking enforcement team or other local schemes with the town council.”

Late last year, the Gazette reported on a wonky set of traffic lights, also on Gloucester Road. Whilst the traffic lights remained damaged for some time before it was raised in the paper, the council were relatively quick to address the issue following the publication.

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