BIN men had a rubbish day when their lorry tipped into a ditch going down a hill on a narrow single track lane.

The incident happened around noon on the two-mile long Manson Lane on the outskirts of Monmouth, and the road was blocked to traffic for some three hours.

And it isn’t the first time a driver has come to grief on the road.

Exactly a year ago just 100 yards further down the lane, a 50 ton crane suffered the same fate, while a scaffolding lorry complete with a full load, a van and a car have all gone off the side of the road over a steep bank in recent times, while in 2019 a car driving at speed hit a bank and span out of control into a farm fence.

Drivers were forced to take a four-mile detour via the Buckholt to get to Monmouth until the lorry was pulled out around 3pm.