The Ross-on-Wye branch of HSBC is closing its doors permanently next year (June 20, 2023) as part of the latest round of 114 branch closures.

This would mean for HSBC customers in Ross, their next most convenient branch to get to would be in Hereford or Gloucester.

This come as part of HSBC UK’s new “branch approach” which changes how it’s working with its customers.

During the pandemic, use of online and mobile banking sky-rocketed, so it’s unsurprising that HSBC are using this as an opportunity to save costs by reducing the number of their branches.

HSBC have said that they will be providing a broader range of local support, beyond the traditional bank branch. It includes community pop-ups, new integrated self-service machines, colleague-assisted digital support for customers, as well as continued use of the Post Office network.

They added: “It will allow HSBC UK to continue to invest in its digital and mobile servicing and reinvest in its branch network in key locations.

“The decision to re-shape the network and invest in a wider package of support and different formats follows an increasing preference for mobile and online banking, which has accelerated since the start of the pandemic. Less than 50 per cent of the bank’s customers now actively use its branch network, with the average footfall declining over 50% since 2017, faster than any point in the last decade.”