THE owners of a traditional sweet shop in Ross are finally able to celebrate 10 years in business this month - two years after their anniversary plans were put on hold by the pandemic.

Sue and Daniel Pearce of Tudor Sweets on Ross High Street were all set to mark 10 years since they first opened the shop’s doors back in March 2020, when the first lockdown forced them to close for an extended period.

And with England back in lockdown in March 2021, their celebrations were delayed yet again, but the couple are now are now able to take a look back at their sweet success in the last 12 years with shoppers back in the town centre once again.

Sue and Daniel first opened the shop on March 29, 2010, following a great deal of market research and the renovation of their 17th Century black and white half-timbered building - and they haven’t looked back since.

Daniel said: “We very much appreciate the support of all of our customers who range in age from 8 to 80 and beyond.

“Our grateful thanks also goes to the local businesses owners and service providers in the town who have worked closely with us over the years and helped to make Tudor Sweets the success that it is today………and of course all of our hard-working staff.”

“Over the years, we have introduced numerous bespoke sweet flavours to represent the surrounding area. Flavours like Cider with Rosie Apple as the official sweet flavour for Herefordshire, Summer Pudding for Ross-on-Wye and Yat Rock for the Wye Valley & Forest of Dean.”

“We were delighted to have been asked by the Ross Gazette to produce a sweet to commemorate their 150th anniversary and now finally able to celebrate our 10th anniversary year, albeit it 2 years late!”

The award-winning Tudor Sweets is located on the High Street in Ross-on-Wye, just behind the Market House and is said to be one on the most photographed buildings in the town.