Hereford city centre’s independent retailers have a new opportunity to enhance their shopfronts thanks to a new grant scheme.

The Hereford city centre shopfront improvement grant scheme aims to improve the visual appeal of the city’s retail area and attract more shoppers and visitors.

Part of the Hereford City Centre Improvement programme, the scheme will provide funding towards various improvements, including painting, signage and replacement, windows, doors, and guttering. Eligible projects can be funded up to 80 per cent of the total cost, with a maximum grant value of £80,000. However, minimum grant requests must exceed £10,000.

Independent retailers who are either a tenant or the owner of a building, are encouraged to take advantage of this scheme to improve or carry out repairs to their shopfront. To find further details about the grant scheme, including the eligibility criteria and a map of the covered area, retailers can visit the council website at

This is part of the city’s ongoing efforts to revitalise the retail area and create a more attractive destination for shoppers and visitors. The Hereford City Centre Improvement programme aims to improve the overall appearance of the city centre and create a more vibrant and appealing atmosphere for everyone. The shopfront improvement grant scheme is just one way the city is working towards this goal, and it offers an opportunity for independent retailers to make their mark.