A COUPLE from the Forest made the trip to Cardiff this month to witness history being made as His Majesty King Charles III made his first official visit to Wales.

Michael and Lorraine Evans, from Coleford, travelled to the Welsh capital on Tuesday, September 15, to see the new King and Queen Consort as part of their tour of the UK nations.

His and Her Majesty attended a remembrance service for Queen Elizabeth II at Llandaff Cathedral before the former Prince of Wales addressed the Senedd,

They then paid a visit to Cardiff Castle, where they were greeted by well-wishers young and old.

There, Michael and Lorraine managed to make their way through the crowds to get a glimpse of the Royal couple on their way out of the castle.

Michael said of the experience: “I’m not much of a royalist but I love history, and it was a chance to see it being made.

“We weren’t going to go all the way to London but when I heard they were coming to Cardiff, we had to go down.

“We waited for three-and-a-half hours and managed to catch them on their way out - it was a brilliant experience”.