Several people living in and around Ross-on-Wye have contacted the Ross Gazette to express their concerns about the state of the county’s roads. Local residents, Stephen and Anne Banner, wrote to the Gazette to ask ‘what’s happened to Herefordshire’s highway markings?’

Stephen and Anne are concerned that throughout much of the county, the road markings are barely visible or have vanished completely - ‘a major road safety worry given that they are there to help protect highway users.’

They describe the situation in the Lea, where they live, as a ‘case in point’, where the white lines are slowly ‘vanishing from view’ and the box junction in the centre of the village is gradually fading away. They said: “Surely it is about time that Herefordshire Council and its maintenance contractor Balfour Beatty ensured that these safety markings are reinstated?

Doing so is especially important so far as the Lea is concerned given that it is bisected by the A40 – and clear highway markings are especially important if you are travelling along or joining a major trunk road.  Let’s see some action taken.”

A Herefordshire Council spokesperson told the Ross Gazette: “We inspect all our A and B roads every month and road markings are one element of such inspections, along with road condition, verges, drains and signs. Other roads, for example some C and U roads, are inspected at different intervals, but at least annually.

“Any road defect that impacts on the safety of road users is recorded, made safe and repaired within agreed time periods. The most serious defects are repaired by the end of the following working day.

“If people have concerns about any particular stretch of road, for example a pot hole, sign or marking, we would encourage them to report this via Herefordshire Council’s website or by calling 01432 261800 in an emergency (24/7).”See this week’s paper for more stories like this, available in shops and as a Digital Edition now.