Ross on Wye wombling litter picker and “binfluencer” Sandra Brown has been on the beat again, this time her arch foe is the graffiti on Ross-on-Wye’s bins.

On spotting the tags (left picture) she called it in to “FixMyStreet” a service which flags up needed work to those who are responsible for fixing it.

Upon receiving an email saying it had been “fixed” she revisited the bin only to discover that the specific areas of graffiti were covered over my black paint (pictured right).

The “cover-up” was shared across social media outlining the rush job. The Gazette followed up the case with Herefordshire Council who confirmed it was Balfour Beatty who carried out the work, the council contractors who carry out a great plethora of works on behalf of the council.

It has since been revealed that the bin has since received a full coat of black paint. However since it was completely covered, and no lettering remains, it is possible this is an act of guerilla restoration.