A Ross-on-Wye woman was found driving well over twice the legal alcohol limit, as revealed at a recent hearing at the Hereford Magistrates Court. Leighann Downing-Bell, a resident of Woodledge, was behind the wheel of a white Mercedes Benz when the police halted her late at night on Alton Road on April 22.

Downing-Bell had reportedly indulged in a couple of glasses of wine before deciding to drive that evening. The subsequent toxicology reports exposed her intoxication level at 75 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, a considerable amount over the UK’s legal limit of 35mg.

As Mr Reid highlighted during the hearing, despite Downing-Bell having travelled only a relatively short distance near her home when intercepted by the police, the repercussions of her actions will be far-reaching. As a care assistant providing end-of-life support for individuals in the Ross and Monmouth area, this unfortunate incident means she will now face the loss of her employment.

The court held Downing-Bell accountable for her actions, disqualifying her from driving for a period of 19 months. In addition to her driving ban, she was handed a fine of £120 and ordered to bear court costs amounting to £135. She has also been levied a victim surcharge of £48.