TWO dogs that between them killed 28 sheep in a rural area south of Hereford have now been located and their owner has agreed to have them put to sleep.

The first incident took place at Upper Gate House in Dinedor at about 9am on 30 May.

Then at around 6am on 1 June, it was reported that two dogs entered the same field and struck again. It is believed one of the dogs was the same dog as the first incident.

Some time between 10pm on 31 May and 6am on 1 June, a sheep farmer at Lower Huntless Farm in Twyford – approximately one mile away from the other two incidents - reported that his flock had also been attacked by a dog.

The dog was not seen but the injuries sustained by the sheep along with confirmation by a vet affirmed that these had been caused by a dog.

Launching an appeal to track the dogs down last week, Sergeant Mark Jones, of West Mercia Police said: “These are very concerning incidents which are causing a lot of anguish and financial damage for the victims and we are working closely with the farming community to help them maximise security for their flocks.

“We can only roughly estimate how many sheep have been killed based on what farmers have told us – we are aware of separate incidents of five, 11 and 12 sheep being killed at different farms so it seems to be as many as 28.

Following their discovery, he said: “We have been aware that there has been considerable upset among the farming community in the Dinedor area as a result of this, both from an emotional and financial point of view.

“We have taken steps wherever possible to keep the victims informed of what we have been doing and have carried out exhaustive enquiries which have ultimately proved successful.

“We have now located the dogs and in light of what has happened, the owners have agreed to have them both put to sleep.

“I’d like to thank everyone affected for their patience and co-operation following an unfortunate set of events but hopefully everyone’s mind can now be set at rest going into the weekend.”