Ross Town Council’s new digital tourist boards have been spotted going up around town.

Residents and visitors will have noticed the works going on it town to install the boards, but they have not yet been switched on.

Whilst they’ll be going live in the future, a date when that can be expected to happen has not yet been released.

Plans for the new on-street digital signage have been in the works for some time, with previous mayor Cllr John Winder mentioning it in his report at the annual town meeting last April.

Public feelings of anticipation towards the new modern electronic notice boards has been mixed.

Whilst several people have said that it could be useful to promote local business and services as well as provide useful information for tourists, a number of people who have responded to the Gazette on social media, have said the boards are a “waste of money”, where that money might be better spent on assistance for the cost-of-living crisis, or the state of the local roads.

Mayor of Ross Town Council Ed O’Driscoll said that more information will be released once the boards go live.

He added: “They are not really ‘notice boards’ but digital tourist information points that will link to a version of the Tourism Association’s website to signpost local attractions, businesses, etc. Pleased to report that cost has been covered via a grant from central government so no additional costs for Ross residents.

“As we don’t have a tourist information centre in the traditional sense this initiative was seen as a good way to cater for the visitor economy.”

A number of people have raised concerns that the boards might be a target for vandals.

Phil Wallace said: “Give it six months before someone drives into it, or New Year’s Eve when someone climbs it like the tree.”

Charlotte Greenman said the sign is: “Too modern a look for a historic town. I agree with the principle of it, but it’s not in-keeping with the market place.”

Andy Hiley commented that: “Dom Jolly has lost his phone,” referencing Channel 4 show Trigger Happy TV (2000).

Keeping her opinion reserved Carol Curless commented: “It looks very smart but let’s see what its use will be like when switched on.”