The RSPCA received more than 300 calls - that’s two calls an hour - last week.

The animal welfare charity received 317 reports of animals in hot environments, the majority of which were dogs that had been left in hot cars, from Monday, May 28th to Sunday, June 3rd - when temperatures hit the mid 20s. Advice is that people should contact the police on 999 if they see a dog in distress.

The RSPCA is one of 14 organisations which run the Dogs Die in Hot Cars campaign each year, reminding pet owners never to leave their animals in hot environments such as vehicles, caravans, conservatories and outbuildings.

Dogs Die in Hot Cars campaign manager Holly Barber, who works for the RSPCA, said: “It’s simple - never leave your pet alone in a hot environment. Whether you’re popping into the shop for a newspaper or nipping into a pharmacy to pick up a prescription, please don’t take the risk.”

The RSPCA is urging owners never to take the risk and to either take their pet with them for their outing or leave them at home in the cool with access to lots of water.

In 2017, the charity received 7,199 calls about animals in hot environments.