Dr Tom Moorhouse will take the stage at Rossiter Books to discuss his new book, Ghosts in the Hedgerow on Thursday, March 30, at 7 pm.

This book delves into the mystery of the hedgehog’s disappearance, and Moorhouse, a conservation research scientist, will use his twenty years of experience to uncover the truth.

The hedgehog has been voted as the nation’s favourite animal time and time again, but in 2020, they were officially declared vulnerable and joined the Red List of Critically Endangered Species. In a town that holds the hedgehog as an ancient emblem, the disappearance of the spiny creature has raised questions and concerns.

The book discusses the death of a hedgehog and the suspects around it. Was it the car driver, the badger, the farmer, the gardener? It is a hedgehog whodunnit that will leave the audience guessing until the very end.

The disappearance of hedgehogs is a problem that Moorhouse is determined to solve. Magnifying glass in hand, he investigates the evidence and uncovers a story full of twists, turns, and uncomfortable truths about the trade-offs that exist between humans and wildlife. But he can also see a solution.

Event tickets are priced at £6 each, and are available for purchase from Rossiter Books in store or via Ticketsource. A £3 discount on the book will also be given to those who purchase the tickets.