DROP-in sessions for young people in Ross-on-Wye organised by the Basement Trust are going to start again on Tuesday October 5, meaning there will once again a place for teenagers to go in the evenings and in their leisure time.

The Mayor of Ross on Wye, 2020-21, Cllr Daniel Lister, made support of young people the key theme of his year and his fundraising efforts.

"Support for youth and youth services has been important to me and I believe that young people are our future," he said. "We have to support our youth".

Members of the adult team who make up the Trustees and running Committee of the Basement Trust met up with Cllr Lister last week to thank him for the donation he made to their work.

For nearly 30 years, the young people of Ross on Wye area have had support provided by a local charity, The Basement Trust. The Trust (or BYT as it is known) has developed over those years to offer what is needed to help young people develop and grow. In recent years, this has been through open-door drop-in sessions held at The Venue in Hill Street where there can be informal sports such as football, small group activity and discussion groups, computer games and a pool table alongside a café offering of snacks and drinks.

From Tuesday October 5, the drop-ins will resume from 6pm to 8pm on three nights of the week. All are welcome, between the ages of 11 and 18. There is no charge - all the sessions and activities are free.

The trust is also keen to know what else can be done to help our young people, to make sure what they offer is relevant and relatable for Ross. There is always room to improve, so the young people will have the opportunity to make their contribution and say what would interest them in the future.

Offers of help are always welcome, so any adults who would like to help to steer the Trust in the future and would like to contribute to its future direction, please get in touch via their Facebook page BYT in Ross on Wye or call Chair of Trustees Keith Wilding on 01989 562145.