Bake-Off fever hit Room 3 on Wednesday as the much-anticipated competition got underway with a batter of excitement.

The air was filled with delectable aromas of cakes, cookies, and chocolate, leaving everyone’s taste buds tantalized.

The competition was fierce and the judges had their work cut out for them as they tasted their way through a smorgasbord of scrumptious baked goods from across the year groups. But in the end, only a few could rise to the top.

Congratulations to C Parnham, who took home the prize for most creative, H Beber for most colourful, E Rockley for best tasting, and E Worsfold for best looking bake. But the real showstoppers were Mrs Rees and Mrs Harries who both took home the staff champion prize.

Huge thanks were given out to JK PRIDE Club for providing the sweet prizes, and to Mr Morgan, Mrs Creswell, and Miss Williams for being such great “rising stars” on the judging panel. All entrants received a sweet-treat thank you gift and the winners received an Easter egg and a PRIDE postcard for money off in the canteen. It truly was a batter of a time.