Gorsley Goffs Primary School has been praised as ‘Good’ by the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted).

According to the inspection held on 13th and 14th March 2023, the school achieved an overall ‘Good’ rating, retaining the same level of accomplishment as the previous evaluation.

The inspection report lauds the school for nurturing an environment where students flourish, reflecting the warm relationships between staff and pupils. It further underscores the school’s atmosphere, marked by calmness and purpose, which aids in pupils engaging fully in lessons. Moreover, the report commends the pupils for living up to the high expectations set by the school’s staff, reflecting the school’s core values of readiness, respectfulness, and safety.

Pupils’ best interests remain paramount. With an array of extracurricular activities including choir, football, and chess, the school provides ample avenues for students, particularly those with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND), to excel beyond academics.

The school’s Early Years provision particularly shines, scoring an ‘Outstanding’ grade. Here, children thrive from the onset. They engage in a broad range of activities that align with their interests, such as a recent addition of dinosaurs to the curriculum. Such engagement prepares them well for their transition into Year 1.

Throughout the school, creative teaching strategies keep pupils captivated, fostering an enduring love of reading. Access to the school library and a book to take home are routine, while those struggling with reading receive necessary support. The effective teaching of phonics and early reading emerges as a standout strength, especially in Reception.

The exemplary ‘Personal Development’ curriculum further bolsters the school’s ‘Outstanding’ credentials in that section of the report. Covering aspects like healthy relationships, nutrition, British values, and inclusivity, pupils garner a rich set of experiences, enriching their understanding of various religions and family types.

The school also enjoys high attendance, mirroring the happiness and positive attitudes of pupils. In occasional instances of behavioural lapses, staff promptly guide pupils back on track, cultivating self-regulation. Amidst these commendations, the report highlights areas needing improvement. It suggests that teachers should ensure comprehensive understanding of concepts among all pupils before progressing to new topics. This would prevent gaps in knowledge from widening and misconceptions from persisting.

Moreover, the report advises fine-tuning of the curriculum to cater more consistently to SEND pupils, who sometimes struggle to grasp the work as effectively as they might. Taking these measures would help to consolidate and augment the school’s already impressive standing.

Regarding safeguarding, the report asserts its effectiveness at Gorsley Goffs. An embedded culture of safeguarding, swift action on concerns, and regular training all ensure pupils’ safety. Moreover, leaders carry out suitable employment checks to validate the staff’s fitness for school employment.