Huntley Church of England Primary School has been rated ‘Good’ in all areas, according to a recent Ofsted inspection conducted on 11 and 12 July 2023. The school, located on Ross Road in Huntley, Gloucester, was last inspected 12 years ago when it received an ‘Outstanding’ rating. This new evaluation follows a framework different from the previous one, making a direct comparison challenging.

Pupils at the school are described as “happy and safe,” valuing the school’s ethos of ‘respect, courage, and perseverance.’ They also enjoy a diverse programme of activities such as forest schools, litter-picking, and an annual celebration of Founders’ Day. “Leaders have high expectations of pupils. Most pupils live up to these. They learn about the importance of treating others with respect, regardless of their differences,” the report noted.

Parents and caregivers expressed confidence in the school’s capacity to care for and support their children. “Parents and carers have confidence in the school’s care and support for their children. They share pupils’ confidence that any unkind behaviour is resolved quickly,” the report states.

The school’s curriculum also received praise for its breadth and focus on personal development. Subject areas like mathematics were highlighted for building detailed knowledge over time. However, the report also pointed out areas for improvement. “In some subjects, leaders have not identified the crucial knowledge and vocabulary that pupils need to know precisely enough,” Ofsted reported. This lack of specificity was cited as a hindrance to pupils’ depth of understanding in some subjects.

Special focus was also given to the school’s efforts in supporting pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Leaders work closely with parents to plan and review support, ensuring these pupils can access the curriculum successfully.

Reading is another area where the school excels. “Leaders champion and celebrate reading. Pupils learn to read accurately and fluently,” stated the report. Children start learning phonics as soon as they join the school, and books are carefully selected to match their learning stages.

The report also mentioned that pupils are taught to be active citizens and understand the concept of democracy by voting for the school council. They also gain an age-appropriate understanding of healthy relationships and online safety through the personal, social and health education curriculum.

On the staff side, effective training and support for well-being were noted. “Staff speak positively about how leaders help them to manage their workload. They value leaders’ and governors’ support for their well-being. Staff are proud to work at the school,” the report mentions.

In terms of safeguarding, the school was found to be effective in training its staff and maintaining a high profile for safeguarding issues. “Leaders provide useful training to staff and ensure that safeguarding maintains a high profile. Consequently, staff are confident in identifying and reporting concerns about pupils,” the report concluded.

The school, which currently has 93 pupils enrolled, will now focus on the areas identified for improvement by Ofsted. The full report is available on the Ofsted website for those interested in more details.