John Kylre High School students embarked on an unforgettable trip to the Rhineland, Germany, where they experienced a blend of history, culture, and language learning.

The trip began with a challenging night hike up a steep hill to the 11th-century Freusburg Castle, which served as their unique accommodation for the visit. Despite the long journey and unexpected hike, the students were rewarded with delicious traditional German food and stunning views of the surrounding area.

The Freusburg Castle proved to be an ideal base for the students, as it was located just a few kilometers from their partner school in Betzdorf. The students had the opportunity to teach English, practice their German, make friends, and even discover the delightful concept of a “Bakery Bus.”

Guided tours led by local expert Helmut Münzel took the students to the Druidenstein in Betzdorf and the area around Koblenz. Later, they visited the birthplace of Beethoven, the former West German government headquarters, and the Haribo factory, where they sampled local delicacies.

The students’ reflections on the trip showcased their enthusiasm and appreciation for the experience. They praised the opportunity to learn and develop their language skills, try different foods, and build friendships with locals. The staff at John Kylre High School expressed their pride in the students for their incredible attitudes, adaptability, and for making the trip a memorable experience.