The enchanting melodies of baroque-era music will soon resonate through the walls of Hentland Church, as the renowned Musical and Amicable Society, joined by soprano Hannah Davey, prepare to captivate audiences once again. After a triumphant concert at St Mary's Ross-on-Wye at the end of April, the group will stage another musical spectacle on Saturday, 15th July at 7.30pm.

Titled "Joy in the Evening at Hentland", the evening will feature a line-up of revered works, including Johann Sebastian Bach's wedding cantata Weichnet nur BWV 202, Handel's organ concerto op 4 no 2, Vivaldi’s Oboe Concerto in D minor, and favourite Handel arias from Iulio Cesare and Alcina. Unfortunately, the church's newly renovated Walker organ of 1869 won't be used for the organ concerto due to its modern pitch, which contrasts the baroque pitch the Musical and Amicables use. However, the accomplished Martin Perkins will bring an electronic instrument to recreate the ethereal sounds of the 18th century.

The concert also marks a momentous occasion as it celebrates the completion of a major restoration project at Hentland church, which concluded at the end of 2022. The project, which was initially slated for three to four months, lasted nearly three years due to unexpected challenges including the presence of a horseshoe bat breeding colony and the Covid Omicron lockdowns. Despite the hurdles, the restoration, funded by a six-figure grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, has rejuvenated the chancel, revealing the elegant works of Victorian architect John Pollard Seddon in a fresh light.

Tickets for the concert, priced at £20 each, can be purchased from or at the door - cash and cheques only. Admission is free for under 18s and full-time students, and the ticket price includes wine and canapés served during the interval. Enquiries can be directed to [email protected] or by telephone at 01989 730439. The evening promises to be a delightful blend of melodious music and historical intrigue, making it a must-attend event for lovers of classical music and architecture alike.