Mr Pritchard from John Kyrle High School writes about the school's Peter Pan performance:

"After a number of years in the ‘covid’ wilderness, unable to perform and show their talents, our pupils delivered four stand-out performances of the legend that is Peter Pan, the Darlings, Captain Hook, the Pirates and the Lost Boys.

"Two shows kicked off on the Wednesday with an afternoon matinee to local Primary Schools setting a high bar for entertainment, comedy and ‘boo-hiss’ frolics. The three sell- out evening shows made use of two sets of Lead performers, namely Peter Pan (Carys and Liberty), Wendy Darling (Ioana and Georgia) and Captain Hook (Seren and Ella). Bringing us effortlessly into this fairytale world, Nanna (Elliot) talked directly to the audience and had everyone believing they could be children again. Nanna’s rapport with the Darling family brought an assurance that good would out-wit evil and the possibility of a ‘happy ever after’ was never far away. The rest of the ensemble, from Lost Boys to Pirates, built their confidence and stage presence across the four shows spurred on by willing audiences of parents, friends and family.

"Audience feedback highlights included a hilarious scene between Mrs Darling (Darcy) and her husband. She persuading him to think back to childhood and memories he enjoyed. This led Mr Darling (Oliver) to admit a childhood love of Dinosaurs thus breaking down his ‘stiff upper lip’ father persona. Audiences also remarked on the performances of other ensemble roles: Lost boy ‘Brains’ (Anthony), Smee (Ezra), the always ‘Sad Tony’ (Naomi) and the hilarious Two- headed Tim (Liv and Ziva). Don’t forget ‘I am Fruit’ Pirate (Deryn) and the hilariously-confusing-to-understand (at first) Dave the Liar (Lucy).

"Credit also goes to the music department and the direction of Miss Taylor with our 4 piece band (Seth, Rowan, Freddie and Ben) adding a sense of rock and ballad during the songs – all inspired by the music of Take That. Who would have thought that four shopping trolleys could have created the illusion of flying so well … which is just what they did and Tinkabell (Sydney) on roller skates was an inspired piece of costume and casting. Moving from the Darling’s House, to Hook’s Ship, and back again, brought some slick scene changes which other cast members fully embraced - a real team effort.

"Each of the 6 lead performers for Peter Pan, Wendy and Captain Hook, brought different takes on their character – solo and duets were sung with passion; comedy and pathos blended throughout the story so that when Wendy finally left Peter, to return to her home, you could truly feel a relationship and adventure like no other had come to an end.

"Full marks, and applause, to everybody who helped make this year’s production one to remember. The moral is by helping each other we can overcome all obstacles – wise words for modern life as well as this classic tale. We hope the performers will come back together next year for another production and, in the meantime, wish them well as they fly ‘second star to the right and straight on until morning’."

The show recieved some postive feedback from an attendee:

Good morning, I just wanted to reach out regarding Peter Pan that the students have been doing. My daughter went to see it with her school on Wednesday and I was lucky enough to be invited by Tinkerbell's mum for last night's performance. I have to say it was amazing! From the acting, to the music, to the staging, it was all incredible. The hard work put in was very noticeable and it was a brilliant experience to be able to come and watch. My daughter, who is hoping to come to John Kyrle in September, is even more excited after seeing the play and that all years can be included.

A huge well done to everyone involved, they should all be incredibly proud!!

Oonagh Richardson