Highway engineer Craig Doyle plays a crucial role in deciding how to keep roads safe during winter weather. Doyle serves as a winter decision maker and verification officer, making important calls about road treatments each day at midday. He and his team monitor forecasts every hour and receive an evening update before making decisions on how much salt to use and when to send out drivers. Once a decision is made, the relevant shift supervisor is contacted, who then calls drivers to get them on the road.

Doyle's work is not limited to winter weather, however. With 25 years of experience supervising construction teams working on highways, he is responsible for managing projects across the county and ensuring that the road network is properly maintained. His work involves everything from monitoring shift progress and handling paperwork to dealing with any issues that arise.

Despite the challenges of the job, Doyle takes pride in the work that he and his team do to keep roads safe. This includes going out in the early hours of the morning to salt roads, as well as staying late to ensure that everything is done properly. Doyle expressed his gratitude for the hard work of his team, referring to them as "high-vis heroes" who work tirelessly to keep roads safe for everyone.