Moth knowledge font Tim Kaye—from Cultivating Learning and Nature (CLaN)—will be giving their insights into the world of months this January.

With stunning pictures, those attending will discover the life cycle, myths, and ecology of the amazing insects. For example, that not all of them come out at night.

The evening takes place on January 17, 6.45pm to 8.30pm at Goodrich Village Hall; where donations would be gratefully received. The event is presented by the Kerne Bridge Dark Skies Project.

Twelve enthusiastic residents have been taking sky quality meter readings.

It was the first time light pollution has been measured on this scale in Herefordshire.

The readings provided a simple benchmark for the presence of dark skies and areas of higher levels of light pollution.

“It’s a fantastic start to the project”, said project leader and Herefordshire county councillor for Kerne Bridge Yolande Watson.

She added: “Having taken readings across the parish of Walford, we are now moving on to the parish of Goodrich and Welsh Bicknor—recruiting local volunteers.”