In an effort to bolster biodiversity and inject new life into a local landmark, the Ross Town Council has spearheaded an innovative project. The Scout Badge bed, situated next to the Tennis Centre, is undergoing a transformation that nods to the global Scout emblem.

Purple lavender, supplied by the renowned Barbers Bridge Nursery and Florist - a familiar face at the town’s regular market, has been chosen to adorn the bed, and the surrounding area is sporting a fresh coat of white paint. These hues, significant to the World Scout emblem, were carefully selected to signify the community’s connection to the scouts.

But the transformation is about more than just aesthetics. As part of the town council’s commitment to nurturing biodiversity in Ross-on-Wye, this lavender bed is set to become a nectar-rich paradise for bees and insects. As these essential pollinators feast on the sweet nectar, they’ll inadvertently aid in the spread of pollen, a crucial process that enhances biodiversity.

This project symbolises the council’s commitment to improving the natural environment of the town. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the ‘Scout Badge’ bed but also aligns with global efforts to conserve pollinator populations. By linking local history, community spirit, and environmental preservation, Ross-on-Wye town is sowing the seeds for a more sustainable and vibrant future.