Madam, it was my good fortune to meet Janet Macdonald two or three years ago, she was recruiting for elderly people to joing her food clinic which I gladly joined! What a great service it is, when you can't bend down anymore to cut your toenails Janet and her team have certainly taken all the stress out it! Janet is one of the kindest people I know, when I had difficulty in getting to an apppointment she would always come to my house to take me to the venue and take me back home, going to the appointment was like attending a social event, everyone very with friendly with cups of tea and fancy biscuits being passed round, really something to look forward to every month!

Nothing is too much trouble for Janet, just recently because I have arthritis quite badly I had the need of a zimmer frame, I asked Janet if she knew where I could hire one, she very kindly came and picked me up and drove me to the local hospital where she make sure they gave me what I needed!

I feel so sad that we are going to lose her but it will be Surrey's good fortune and it will be so nice for her to be closer to her family!

I wish her the best of luck and lots of happiness and also to Ali who is also a very kind and nice girl, I think she have been trained in Janet's ways!

Peggy Slade