A Ross-on-Wye councillor is putting herself forward as its “not-mayor” after claiming she is being excluded from the official mayor role.

Cllr Milly Boylan, an independent on Ross Town Council, posted a video online announcing her availability for civic events in the town.

She said she was “fed up” of not getting a crack at the official position.

“Obviously the ruling party [the town’s Liberal Democrats, who hold a majority] want their guys to be mayors,” she said. “So I can’t ever be mayor because I am not part of a party.

“I have a cloak which I will wear,” she said. “As not-mayor, I will open anything you want me to open, for many years to come.”

The town’s actual mayor by contrast is elected only for a year, with the next such vote due at its annual meeting on May 13.

Current mayor Cllr Louis Stark said he was “not convinced by Coun Boylan’s approach and added: “It’s a democratic process, so it’s up to town councillors who they elect.”

As for conducting official duties around the town, “anyone can preside over any opening they want”, Cllr Stark added.

And while traditionally the role is passed to the deputy mayor, currently Cllr Bev Pope, also of the LibDems, “it hasn’t been decided yet”, Cllr Stark pointed out.